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WIGS has tapped screenwriter Andrew Bluestone to develop an original webseries off the strength of his script Pills, about a woman who must make a difficult decision regarding her Parkinson’s disease-suffering husband. Deal marks the first in a new partnership between Lace Front Wigs and the online scripting community The Black List, which linked up in March to launch a blind script submission search looking for new creative blood for the digital network. Bluestone is repped by Jewerl Ross and Lee Stobby, who also discovered the writer via the Black List. Over 1,100 submissions were entered in the WIGS-Black List contest and Bluestone was selected from a shortlist of six scribes. WIGS was launched in 2012 by Jon Avnet, Rodrigo Garcia, and Jake Avnet with a line-up of dramatic web series including Blue starring Julia Stiles. Last year WIGS pacted with Fox on a multi-year programming, development, and distribution deal. Earlier this spring, The Black List also partnered with Fox Broadcasting to find new TV drama writers.

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You know the old acting advice: break a leg, never work with children or animals, always bring your own wigs…
Lady Gaga’s landed herself a cameo role in the Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City sequel – and she came prepared. Rodriguez told E! News ‘She was ready. She brought her own Lace Wigs! I said, ‘We’re not going to have time to make a wig for you’”.
Cleary, that’s not a prob for our fave eccentric singer who maybe has a selection of hair extensions (’70s, Halloween, cheerleader) on her rider at all times. Rodriguez was desperate to have Gaga in the film after having worked with her on another piece, “Machete Kills’ – who knew the singer-turned-actress was as arresting on screen as she is on stage?

Maybe there are many people who don’t care much for discount, while they consider more on the products themselves. Lace Wigs noticed that too. Since color is very important when choosing hair products, this famous wig brand has publicly announced that people who purchase human hair wigs on their website will get a free color ring which will be shipped along with their orders. This move will greatly increase buyers’ confidence when purchasing a human hair lace wig.
In the meantime, Lace Front Wigs weekly deal promotion goes on and on at regular intervals, which is also unmissable. Regularly, there are two styles of hair products on sale, and both of them can be purchased at big discount, with no need to enter a coupon code.
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